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Prophetic Word

I am not really one to lend myself to the hyper-spiritual stuff that many in the 'charismatic' movement get into. I certainly believe in the move of the Spirit, in the gifts of the Spirit, and in the baptism of the Spirit. However, i have  repeatedly seen people abuse the lingo and claim as God inspired things that were not only not the result of a move of God, but were in fact in direct contradiction to the very Word of God.

Sadly, I've witnessed people 'propheci' over others that God wanted them to give away their car, marry a certain person, or give a large sum of money. These cases have almost always been the direct result of the 'prophet' wanting to gain something for themselves. On the flip side, however, I have heard power messages delivered that have been so obviously the Word of God that you couldn't dream up that kind of direction or comfort for the given person or situation if you wanted to.

In personal experience, I remember being back in Illinois and having God speak to me during a prayer meeting at church (we had one every Monday afternoon) three weeks before Hurricane Katrina hit that something was about to happen in the gulf and to pray that the loss of life would not be severe. I had no idea at the time that such a powerful storm was going to hit, I just knew something was going to happen and to that's what I did. Out of the over 1 million people affected by the storm, thankfully only around 1800 lost their lives. While that is still tragic, it is only .0018%, which is amazing considering the devastation the storm caused.

I say all this to come to the point that God speaks. We need to expect it and be attentive to His voice, because when He does give that kind of direction, it is for a reason. This week, The Lord spoke to me again. This time what He said was about the coming year. While I don't claim to have answers as to what it all means, I am so confident in the fact that it was the Lord and that this word is meant for us to prepare ourselves.

This is what He said:

2011 will be the year of the seven. Seven world-wide events that will change the course of history around the world.  Three of these events will be natural and will seem to be major and catastrophic. One of them can still be changed through prayer. The other four events will appear to be less impacting, but will have a greater significance ultimately, as they will all deal with economies. Watch and pray, and do not lose heart. Remember that even in the midst of the storm, I am still in control. And be bold to proclaim the reason for the hope and the joy that you can have, even in the darkest of hours, for the light of the church must shine forth brightly to bring the eyes of people around the world back to the One who can keep them. 2011 will be the year of the seven. Seven events that will show that it is not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord.
I have full confidence in the plan and purpose of my heavenly Father, and while this certainly gives me pause, I know that whatever God sees for 2011, He will not forsake His people and He will not abandon His word. So I share this with you to consider and to pray about, and to watch. I believe there will be great opportunity given to glorify Him and advance His kingdom in the coming year, not matter what happens.



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