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Understanding Mortgage Interest Rates (VIDEO)

How do you get the interest rate that you do?

Well, there are many factors, including your credit worthiness and the interest rate set by the Federal Reserve.

The Khan Academy however, has produced a fantastic video that breaks everything down simply and makes it easier to understand.

If you are starting the process, or thinking about starting the process, of buying a home then take a few moments and watch this video to get a better understanding.

What is an Earnest Money Deposit?

When buying a home it is important to understand each part of the process. One thing that can confuse some people is the need to pay an earnest money deposit and how that works with their downpayment.

What is an earnest money deposit? Why are you writing that check?

Simply put, earnest money is money you put out to show you're serious about making an offer. If your offer is accepted, it becomes part of your down payment. If your offer isn't accepted, it is returned to you.

This short video put out by loanDepot (a company I am not endorsing in any way, just sharing the information from) is a great, quick explanation to help you out!

Again, my sharing this video is not a suggestion to use this company, or an endorsement. When buying, do your research looking for a lender.

I do think the info in this video is very well stated and informative, however!

Quick Solutions to Help You Sell Faster

Getting your home ready to be listed and want to ensure you are on top of your game when it comes to being prepared? Great!

Many prospective buyers aren't just turned off by things like major damage or repairs, which are usually addressed anyway. They get focused on details that others might not even think are important, and decide to pick house B over houses A and C simply because they look more 'move-in-ready'.

Here are a few tips on things to take a look at and do as you get ready to list:

Clean/Replace Blinds ($5-15): Dirty blinds are an eyesore, and you can easily clean them with a damp cloth. Broken blinds are easy to replace, and make a huge visual difference. Even knotted-up strings, missing wands and crooked hardware can turn off potential buyers. They see the replacements necessary as the result of poor maintenance. Don't send the wrong message by missing this easy fix!
Loose Doors and Drawers ($0-10):
Potential buyers will cringe at the look of a loose dooror d…

Who is the Holy Spirit?

Well, this blog IS called "The Real Estate Pastor!"
This video message is one I taught back in Howell, Michigan about the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. So many people misunderstand who He is and what He wants to do. And while His work is incredible, His goal is simple...
Take a few moments and see what a bottle of Coke has to do with understanding the Holy Spirit, then leave a comment below with your thoughts!

Improve Your Grammar, Impress Your Friends

English grammar can be tricky, and, a lot of times, the words that sound right are actually wrong. While I certainly am not a master of the English Language, I find myself cringing often at the way certain words are misused, specifically in emails and written documents. To me, it is a distraction that causes the person to whom I am conversing to appear in a negative light. Often, it's the words that we think we’re using correctly that can cause the biggest stumbles . Today I've picked out three pairs of words that cause many people trouble in their usage to look at with you. So, before you send your next email, or attach your resume to a document, please take a moment to consider these common issues many of us have with wording, and make some changes as needed: Thank you to Google for giving critical feedback on the correct usage in some cases, as I wanted to be clear on them myself! Acceptvs. Except These two words sound similar but have very different meanings.Accept, by definitio…

Save on Family Night Out

Have a family time out and SAVE MONEY with FREE  or discounted kids meals:
My family loves to go out. But with 3 kids who are all old enough to eat their own meal now, it can be a a big hit to the budget. Thankfully many restaurants also realize this, and know that you paying for adult meals is more money in their pockets than you paying for NO meals. That’s why some of them have some pretty sweet deals for kids, like free or very cheap at certain times or with adult purchases. Here are some of the ones my family has taken advantage of to save some cash and enjoy some time out together:
Fazoli’s. Who can resist those buttery bread sticks? Tuesday's are family day and kids meals are .99 all day long when you get an adult entree. Also, Thursdays they offer $4 off their family meals!Frisch’s Big Boy- my oldest son LOVES their breakfast buffet. And since its free when I get one, too, it is a favorite spot for our monthly father/son outings. And when he eats more than I do, I’m very than…