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Doing Family Devotions

One of my big things is the idea that I am a resource to parents and families, not the replacement for mom and dad as the primary influences in their children's spiritual development. A while back I actually taught a Sunday morning about influence and the need for parents to be parents. I provided a variety of resources at that time that were user-friendly and ready for mom and dad to pick up, read, and apply in their families.

One of those resources was a simple two-sided sheet of paper on how to do family devotions. I've heard so many parents say that they don't do devotions with their kids for all numbers of reasons, the greatest being they don't know how to relate spiritual truth to children.

In my efforts to find something a dad in a hurry or a single mother could use that offers practical instruction, I came across this blog post from 2006 by Pastor Erik Raymond. As soon as I read it I thought 'this is it! This is usable!'

So I did a google search, foun…
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Here's a thought...Act like a Christian

Years ago, BC (before Children!) each Sunday night we had a worship ministry called the Upper Room that meets for 1 hour in the church I was on staff with. This time of worship, prayer, and fellowship was so rich and refreshing. It took me back to my Bible School days in the living room of one of my good friends' homes, as we'd have CD worship and pray, and just wait for God to talk. He always would.

Recently I came across some notes from one of those nights where God impressed something on my heart that I would like to share:

Being a Christian is supposed to mean being Christ-like. But what is that? Our definition of Christianity has become so convoluted and polluted that most people have no idea what its like to be Christ-like. Their head is so full of other peoples ideas of Christianity that they wouldn't understand Christ-likeness if Jesus Himself stepped in front of them and smacked them in the face.

Today, Christianity has been reduced like a broth to basic religiou…

Put the Glass Down!

Stress is everywhere and is no respecter of persons. It doesn't care if you have a million things to do, if you are getting ready to have a baby or move, or if you just can't take much more and want to beat your head against a wall. That wonderful little pressure comes from our job, our family, our friends, and ourselves. In small amounts it pushes us. Sometimes, even large amounts over short periods of time can drive us toward some accomplishment. But mountains of it over long periods can be crushing to our will and our health.

Thankfully God has a plan to de-stress your life. Its so simple that most people can't do it...not because it doesn't work, but because they can't buy into it. Like someone handing you a blank check and telling you to fill in the amount, God gives us His anti-stress plan and we stand staring at Him like He has feathers for eyebrows.

What is this great plan? I'm so glad you asked!

Ps 55:22- Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustai…