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My Prayer for the New Year

I admit it, I love 'older' Christian music. Carman is my favorite. Who doesn't like R.I.O.T. and America Again or Addicted to Jesus!!!??? I also am a fan of Ray Boltz (his music BEFORE he decided to go off the deep end), Steven Curtis Chapman, 4-Him, Sandi Patty...and Clay Crosse. Years ago, before I had my car accident that destroyed my beloved Honda Accord (that was a great car, if you were wondering) I had an album from Clay Crosse that was a "Greatest Hits" of sorts. Recently I downloaded it on iTunes and put it on my phone, but I haven't got the greatest speakers in the world on my Gen2 phone, so listening to it wasn't all that much fun. However, for Christmas, a wonderful Aunt (I have several, so she shall remain nameless, otherwise I have to work them ALL in! ;-) gave me a speaker that plugs in like a headset. Now I have stereo quality music blasting all over the house from my favorite little phone. What does that have to do with the new year?

Science and the Bible pt 7

This is the conclusion of that article. Again, this is not MY position or the position of this church. It is simply a well written article for your reading and consideration. DK Creation of Modern Man The Neanderthal period of domination is classified by archaeologists as the Middle Paleolithic, or Middle Old Stone Age. The Cro-Magnon phase which followed it is termed the Upper Paleolithic. The tools of Neanderthal were VERY CRUDE. The Upper Paleolithic tools, however, are more finely made, and include blades and burins or chisel-like tools. Cro-Magnon man, which belongs to the same species as modern man, was generally smaller than we are, had straight limbs, and high foreheads. They wore animal skins as clothing, were hunters and fishermen and gatherers of fruits and berries. They had not learned to plant crops or domesticate cattle. Remains indicate that few men reached the age of 50, or few women the age of 35. They are believed to have been of superior intelligence and sensitiv

Science and the Bible pt 6

Racemization Two researchers at the University of California at San Diego report that men were living in the North American continent at least 50,000 years ago. Dr. Jeffrey L. Bada, an assistant professor of oceanography at the university's Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and Roy A. Schroeder, a graduate student, analyzed skeletal remains found between 1920 and 1935 around La Jolla, Del Mar, and ranging to Laguna Beach and the Baldwin Hills section of Los Angeles. Using a technique called "racemization," which determines how much one form of an amino acid has changed into a slightly different form, they dated one skull found near Del Mar at 48,000 years old. Previously the oldest dated Amenzar skull was called Los Angeles Man, and was dated by UCLA scientists using carbon-14 at 23,600 years. A small sample of the same skull was analyzed by Bada and he arrived at an age of 26,000 years. The Scripps team dat ed a fragment of another old skull found near La Jolla Shor

Science and the Bible pt 5

We continue this article with the intent of discovering what is said on the issue of Science, the Bible, and Pre-Adamite civilization: Tree Rings from the Past Scientists have tried to solve their dating problems by submitting C-14 to the TREE RING dating method for verification. This, in itself, was a tacit admission that all the attempts to verify their BASIC assumptions of the C-14 method were inconclusive at best! Many geophysicists, like Richard Lingenfelter, were now falling back on tree ring dating methods to TEST the viability of radiocarbon dating. In Lingenfelter's own words, "Because of the UNCERTAINTIES in the calculation of both the production rate and decay rate of C-14 we find that the BEST DETERMINATION of the ratio of these two rates is obtained from the C-14 variations determined from dendrochronology [tree ring dating]" (Richard E. Lingenfelter and R. Ramaty, Astrophysical and Geophysical Variations in C-14 Production , Maryland: Goddard Space Flight

Science and the Bible pt 4

We continue the journey... Radiocarbon Dating In 1963 two British scientists, Don Brothwell of the British Museum and Eric Higgs of Cambridge, took stock of the many methods developed up to that time to answer archaeological questions, including dating methods. Only twenty years before that time, nobody would have dreamed of such scientific discoveries relating to the dating of artifacts. Of all the dating methods, C-14 or radiocarbon dating has created the greatest interest to date. Developed by Willard F. Libby of the University of Chicago -- between 1941 and 1945 Libby participated in the development of the atomic bomb -- this method of dating has become the touchstone of all fossil dating up to 40,000 years. Libby postulated that cosmic ray-produced radiocarbon might be a key to age determination. Supposing that C-14 atoms produced by cosmic rays would be readily oxidized to carbon dioxide and would mix freely with the atmospheric carbon dioxide, and because of the rapid turno

Science and the Bible Pt 3

Here is the third part of this series. Again, I am not endorsing this information or position, just presenting it as a well written article for your enjoyment and study. Vast Periods of Time? Vast periods of time, and many successive ecological niches, had to exist in the earth, for algal reefs of hundreds of feet to grow in place. Much time was required for vast quantities of vegetation to live, grow, and die, and to become entombed, to create vast deposits of coal in Kansas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. This vast period of time YEHOVAH put to good use. As Robert Macdonald shows, in a paper entitled Geology : "The fossil record contains hundreds of zones, each with its own particular faunal assemblage. What is the chance that such an invariant worldwide sequence of life forms could be built up if they all lived CONTEMPORANEOUSLY, and the sequence in which they are found were only a burial order? How could a burial order based not on wa