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Lessons in life from a 5k

Over the last few months, my wife Elizabeth has begun a running program in an effort to get healthy and lose weight. I have just recently followed suit, as she gets me up at 5 a.m. almost daily whether I participate or not. However, since she began the program a good three months ahead of me, she is, obviously, further along her running destiny. Add the fact that she loves to run and I hate the very thought of it, and its  match made in heaven! In seriousness, though, over the last few months my wonderful wife has worked extremely hard at accomplishing her goals, and made tremendous progress. Today was a milestone along the way, as she completed her first ever 5k run. It just so happened that the run benefits autism awareness and research, but that's really beside the point. For weeks she's put in a great deal of work, rain or shine, in transforming herself back into the runner that she was in ROTC as a high school student. It has given her a new joy and energy, as she feels