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A Look Back: 2011, The Year of the Seven

On Dec. 1 2010 I posted on the blog a prophetic word that I believed was from the Lord. It was general and specific all at the same time, because it spoke of things that would happen in the world this year. Now, over 1 year later as we close out 2011, I want to look back with you and see the goodness and faithfulness of God, even in the midst of some tragic and tumultuous events.

But first, re-read the word that the lord gave me, as I posted here a year ago:

2011 will be the year of the seven. Seven world-wide events that will change the course of history around the world.  Three of these events will be natural and will seem to be major and catastrophic. One of them can still be changed through prayer. The other four events will appear to be less impacting, but will have a greater significance ultimately, as they will all deal with economies. Watch and pray, and do not lose heart. Remember that even in the midst of the storm, I am still in control. And be bold to proclaim the reason for the hope and the joy that you can have, even in the darkest of hours, for the light of the church must shine forth brightly to bring the eyes of people around the world back to the One who can keep them. 2011 will be the year of the seven. Seven events that will show that it is not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord.
The year of the seven...oh how right God was. No one can accuse me of trying to pull things from the headlines to suit myself. If you read what was posted in 2010 and then look at these events, you can see for yourself. Yes, there is a God. Yes, He still speaks today, and yes, He is in control...even if it doesn't seem like it to us.

The Seven:

1) Egypt protests and revolution (Feb 2011)- one of the 4 that deals with economies. Strategic point in the Middle East

2) Libyan Protest (Feb/March 2011)- you may not have paid that close of attention, but this nation alone in turmoil caused oil prices to rise nearly 20%. If that doesn't deal with economies, I don't know what does.

3 & 4) Tokyo Earthquake (March 2011)- This one could fall under either side, but despite the economic devastation, I am including it under the 3 natural events, because it was certainly catastrophic and that is exactly what the Lord said.
The 4th part of this is in regards to the near meltdown of the nuclear plant (Fukushima) is the one that was able to be diverted. While it was still a serious situation and caused major damage to the area for years to come, friends, it could have been much, much worse if that thing had gone into full meltdown and we had a nuclear event. Also, the disaster cost the world over 220 Billion dollars, making it an economic event that helped to push the European Union and United States into even more stressful financial positions...dealing with economies!

5) Tornadoes ravage the South US/Joplin (April 2011)- This again could go under economic because of the cleanup costs, but was catastrophic. I can say that too, i was there in Joplin withing days after it happened. It Parts of the city were like a wasteland, like nothing I've ever seen before. That doesn't even account for the other areas destroyed during the storms.

6) New Zealand's earthquake (February 2011) was another major natural event. The impact in terms of deaths and cost ($20 billion) were astounding for that small country. Paired with the flooding in Australia with a cost of over 7 billion dollars, this makes our 3rd natural disaster.

7) Kim Jong Il's death is a major event, because it leaves an already unstable country in a place of even greater instability. Given the fact that the Korean War never actually ended, this one event has the potential to be a game-changer throughout the world. If they decide to go the peace route, then things could forever change in that region. If they decide to be aggressive, that will effect the major economies of the world as everyone goes into panic mode. North Korea may not seem like an economic powerhouse, but the effect they have on other countries could be huge depending on what they do.

Other Major events of 2011 that should be considered:

-Bin Laden Killed (May 2011). This was an event that certainly has economic impact through the Middle East, even if we don't see it here. It is yet to be seen exactly how his death will effect the situation in the Middle East or the financial abilities of the Taliban.

-The Royal Effect. The Lord said the economic leaning events would be more impacting, not that they would all be bad. Consider this, the Royal Wedding, for all the hype surrounding it, brought in an extra 330 Billion to the British economy. That is 15% of their yearly GDP in just one week. Talk about an economic impact! On the downside, given that the wedding was shortly after Easter and many Brits wanted to celebrate, the negative impact on the economy was nearly 6 Billion in lost revenue due to worker productivity! wow!

-Death of Steve Jobs- With Apple being one of the most profitable companies in the world, the death of this leader/innovator could certainly have a great economic impact in the US and around the world, however, the company seems stable so I don't consider this a major event of economic significance in the ways the others listed in the 7 are...however, it certainly could be.

There you have it. 7 things from 6 specific events. (Fukushima is an event cause by the earthquake, which makes it 2 separate events and not just one). Just as God said. I couldn't have dreamed this stuff up if I'd been given a million bucks. But what does it mean? Why would God reveal this and then 'let it all happen'?

Simple, He wanted to show us that He is still involved, still active, still attentive, and still in control. It may seem contrary to think of a 'good God' allowing terrible disasters and major catastrophe to occur and just tell us about it, instead of stopping it...But yet, it it really God's fault that our economies are in the mess they're in? Is it really God's fault that our world is in turmoil? Or is it our fault for rejecting Him, ignoring Him,  and giving our worship to entertainment, pleasure, and money? It's in line with His goodness that He spoke so that we could see-both before hand and after the fact.

And what about 2012? Well, we'll just have to trust that the God who made the universe is indeed in control of it. If He could forewarn about things to happen in 2011 before they did, I think He deserves the benefit of the doubt!

God bless,



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