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Slow. Down.

With this year in full swing, take a moment to reflect on any goals you may have started the year with. How are you doing? Do you have the right goals? Do you see how your goals are helping you build the life that you want and that God desires for you?

Now, take a moment and enjoy this article, originally found here:,%202017&maropost_id=742421791&mpweb=256-2674234-742421791

Maybe, as we rush to get things done, we should reconsider that what we really need to rush to is the presence of God. As you do anything-your work, hobbies, play, or family life- don't miss out on what God may want to do in you and through you in those moments! Sometimes "What" is simply not as important as "who"... even when the laundry is piled up or the dishes are dirty or the game i…

Diffuse Conflict

This was a worksheet that a pastor friend gave me several years back when I started doing counseling. It's simple and easy to follow along, and has been something I've used, not just with married couples, but in other areas of relational conflict as well.
Consider adding it to your personal toolbox so the next time you find yourself facing conflict, you can DIFFUSE it!

How to Diffuse Conflict in Your Marriage:
D - DEFINE the problem (on your own).Proverbs 15:14
I - INITIATE a time to talk.Matthew 5:23-24

F - FOCUS on the “perceived” problem, not the person.Proverbs 18:19 F - FEEL their pain (as though it were your own).Proverbs 17:17
U - UNCOVER the root problem.Proverbs 20:5 SymptomRoot
MoneyValues, Priorities, Power / Control Issues Sex Communication, Unmet Emotional Needs, Past History / Baggage In-LawsLoyalty, Expectations Children / WorkRoles and/or GoalsExperiencing God’s Dream ForConflict
S - SET things right between you.James 5:16
1.Own your responsibility. 2.Confes…

Dealing with Stress

Ministry life or regular life, we all deal with stress. And honestly, a certain amount of stress can be a healthy thing. It will cause us to focus, press in, and push through. But when stress continues too long just never goes away, it can become very, very unhealthy.

I've seen friends who didn't deal with stress well and after prolonged periods of time it began to erode their lives. Pastors who had mental breakdowns, busy men who walked away from their families because they couldn't handle the pressure, godly women who ended up in an affair because they couldn't take 'it' anymore... Sadly this is an all too common occurrence.

I want to share an article today that is geared towards leaders and pastors, but I believe really applies to everyone. It's about handling the stress in our lives so that we don't end up run down and burnt out. Tired...exhausted...worn out...burnt out... they can all feel similar at times and in moments, but they are not the same…

Leadership Lessons

I've never worked in an area of ministry where I have not, on some level, answered to someone. I'm ok with that, really. In my current role, I pastor my church and make decisions, but as part of a network, I still serve a larger vision. It gives clarity, focus, and support to what I am doing. Before, as a children's pastor, I never worked for a pastor who told me HOW to do children's ministry. It was my job to lead it, grow it, define it, and do it. But I had someone telling me what they wanted it to accomplish as a part of the entire ministry.

The art of serving under someone else's vision seems to be lost in today's culture. Everyone wants to go after their own thing. But what I have found is that when I connect to a larger vision, oftentimes I am in a better position to accomplish my own.

Now, that doesn't mean there are never conflicts, disagreements, or times of frustration...ha, welcome to life! But overall, if you are not the TOP person, learning ho…

Welcome to the all new blog!

So much has changed, and yet so much is different too.

I am still actively involved in ministry over at Family Worship Center in Wilder, KY. but now, I am stepping out into a new venture as a real estate sales associate.

As this change continues to unfold, I will share more, but for now, welcome to The Real Estate Pastor Blog! Here you will find a wide variety of different forms of content. Some will be to inspire or encourage you. Some will be to inform you. Some will be to help you if you're looking at buying a home or have become a homeowner and now don't know what to do!

Over the next several weeks, you will see some content being 're-shared' from my old New Generation Voice blog, as I ease into this dual career thing and adjust to my new role. But make no mistake, you will see a lot more coming very soon on all fronts!

For now, I'd like to encourage you to connect with me further on social media here:

Connect on the Pastor Devin Kroner Facebook page

Connect o…

How I Made Podcasting Easy

When I was pastoring up in Michigan, we burned CD's of each sermon and posted videos to Vimeo each week. It was exciting, in a way, but also time consuming and sometimes confusing. The CD's had to be printed, then they had to be copied. The master had to be saved properly and burned.

And don't even get me started on the video, which needed edits and almost never got them, and at times took hours to upload, only to fail and need to be restarted! Still, it was a nice feature to have.

When we moved here to Kentucky, the church had a much simpler setup, but the audio was all over in its quality. With some research, a minimal amount of time spent 'training', and about 30 minutes of setup, I now am able to produce a podcast that includes a special intro and exit, edit the audio for length (or occasionally clarity!), upload it, publish it with my sermon notes, and put it on iTunes all in a matter of 20 minutes a week!

The best part of it is, other than the Internet acces…