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Save on Family Night Out

Have a family time out and SAVE MONEY with FREE  or discounted kids meals:

My family loves to go out. But with 3 kids who are all old enough to eat their own meal now, it can be a a big hit to the budget. Thankfully many restaurants also realize this, and know that you paying for adult meals is more money in their pockets than you paying for NO meals. That’s why some of them have some pretty sweet deals for kids, like free or very cheap at certain times or with adult purchases. Here are some of the ones my family has taken advantage of to save some cash and enjoy some time out together:

  • Fazoli’s. Who can resist those buttery bread sticks? Tuesday's are family day and kids meals are .99 all day long when you get an adult entree. Also, Thursdays they offer $4 off their family meals!
  • Frisch’s Big Boy- my oldest son LOVES their breakfast buffet. And since its free when I get one, too, it is a favorite spot for our monthly father/son outings. And when he eats more than I do, I’m very thankful for the money saved!
  • IHOP- As I write this, they have a deal where kids eat free EVERY night from 4pm-10pm. They say its for a limited time, so call ahead if you want to be sure. But they’ve been saying its a limited time offer for over a year!
  • Moe’s- Tuesday’s kids eat free with purchase of a $5 (or more) adult entree. I like this place better than its competitors for one reason: Cheese dip and the salsa bar. (Ok, that’s 2 reasons!)
  • O’Charley’s- This is a place we can go to sit, talk, enjoy a variety, and save some money. I love the tenders, but usually order something different every time. Plus, with every adult entree, you get a free kid one. Take your spouse if you have multiple kids (like me!)
  • Firehouse Subs-This is dine in only (most are, but again you usually don’t grab and go at the Breakfast buffet!) but for every adult meal, get a free kids meal. I also enjoy the large selection of sauces you can put on your subs, and knowing that without doing anything extra, I am supporting local fire fighters!
  • Bob Evans-When my family first moved to the Northern Kentucky area we ate at Bob Evans a lot. Like, several times a week one month. We were in a transitional housing situation while we looked to buy and didn’t have a fridge, so we needed food that was decent quality, cheap, and reliable. It helps that most of it is very yummy, too. Quickly we discovered we could save even more by coming Tuesdays and filling up after 4pm, because the kids were free when we bought entrees. 
  • IKEA- so if you need to make the trek up to IKEA and have children, find  Tuesday to go. From 11am-close the kids can eat for free. I was skeptical of eating in a furniture store the first time, but then I did and it was surprisingly good. 
  • LaRosa’s- Monday’s from 4pm-9pm kids can get spaghetti for .99. Of course, you’ll want extra napkins...
  • Texas Roadhouse- This place is a personal favorite of mine. I love the food. I love the music. I love the spontaneous breakouts of dancing. And I love that from 4pm-close Mondays and Tuesdays kids eat free when you buy an adult entree. Steak anyone?
  • Izzy’s- Saturday is a day most of us are out and about. Izzys offers lunch or dinner for kids 14 and under for free, on a weekend! All day Saturdays kids eat free when you buy an adult meal. Talk about a good deal!

Are any of these favorites for your family? Do you have another great place to go that helps your whole family enjoy a meal out without breaking the bank? Leave a comment below!


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