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4 Questions to ask a prospective Real Estate Agent

Ready to buy a house? That's Great! Interested in selling your home? Awesome! Before you sign a listing agreement or enter into an agency agreement with a broker to help you find a home, consider asking a few questions of the prospective real estate agent o help make your home-buying dream come true. After all, a real estate salesperson and their brokerage should be fully on your side in order for you to get the best service and peace of mind in your buying or selling process. But not all real estate agents are created equal. Some focus only on one side of the market such as a buyers agent who only helps those looking for homes. It is good practice, as you would with any major purchase, to do a little research and ask some questions! In fact, may season brokers I've talked to, and many who I follow through their YouTube Channels, recommend interviewing at least three agents before deciding who you want to work with for one of the single most important purchases of your life!  …

The Question Of Tragedy

There is a lot of tragedy in this world. As a Pastor, I've seen a great deal of it up close. Children who die of SIDSMothers taken away from their families by cancerA Teenager gone to a drunk driverThe grandparent lost to dementiaThe national mourning after a mass shooting in another schoolThe person stunned coming home to divorce papers and an empty closet
Often, when these things happen people respond in one of three ways: They break down emotionally (becoming depressed, often)They lash out in anger (doing destructive things like using illegal drugs or drinking heavily)They look for a reason and ask 'WHY?'
Sadly, we know the consequences of the first two actions lead to more pain. But even more sadly, often the third option does as well. Usually, it's because we ask the question of the wrong people or from the wrong perspective, and end up getting the wrong answers.
For instance, last summer I traveled to conduct a funeral for a woman who had been my secretary years …

What Do "I" Pay When Buying or Selling?

One of the common things that everyone wants to know when they are ready to negotiate the final contract for a home is "what do I pay for and what does the other party pay for?"

It's a great question!

The short answer is almost everything is negotiable.

The longer answer is that there are several fees and expenses that go into buying or selling a home. For a seller, you can't just think about the price in terms of how much money you want to get. You have to think about things like:
~Do you owe money on your home still?
~Do you have improvements that will need to be made to make your home marketable?
~How much do you need to be able to move into another home, condo, or apartment?

These factors and more will help determine your selling price (not necessarily your LISTING PRICE!)

For a buyer, you don't just want to think about buying in terms of 'how much house can I afford' because what you can afford on paper could be different from what you can actually …

Introduction to Your Credit Score

Credit is important when it comes to buying a home. Unless you are a cash buyer, you're going to have to qualify for a loan. Being able to qualify  is determined by a number of factors, and certain lenders use different criteria. But all of them are going to look at your credit report and credit score to see your credit history and determine how likely you are to be able to pay your bills, including the mortgage.

For anyone coming in with little understanding of credit, there are several places to go to get the basics. I personally use Credit Karma as a free way to keep on top of my credit reports. I like them because they provide information that is updated regularly by two of the three major credit bureau. In an age of cyber security, hacking, and identity theft it is awesome that the Government has taken steps to help people access their credit report free once a year... but I personally don't feel like that is enough for me.

So, even though I have to deal with their partn…

What Makes Up A Mortgage Payment (Video)

Today, I am sharing a short video from Bank of America that breaks down what goes into your total mortgage payment. I share this, because some people get confused when they are told that their total mortgage payment includes more than just principle and interest.

I like this series of videos from Bank of America called "better money habits" as they have some really good general advice and info in them.

Before sharing the video, know that I share this because of the information and my belief in it being help for for anyone who might be starting the process of looking to buy a home, or just better understand how their money is spent. I am not provided any compensation from Bank of America or any consideration. However my wife and I do have a checking account with their institution. I share that in the interest of full disclosure.

Enjoy this short video, and know that if I can help you in any way as you prepare to buy or sell, I'm easily reachable at therealestatepastor@gm…

Fair Housing Facts

Basic Facts About Fair Housing (HUD)
The information provided today is available with more detail and additional information online from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, located here:
1.)What Housing Is Covered? The Fair Housing Act covers most housing. In some circumstances, the Act exempts owner-occupied buildings with no more than four units, single-family housing sold or rented without the use of a broker, and housing operated by organizations and private clubs that limit occupancy to members. 2.)What Is Prohibited?In the Sale and Rental of Housing: No one may take any of the following actions based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status or handicap: Refuse to rent or sell housingRefuse to negotiate for housingMake housing unavailableDeny a dwellingSet different terms, conditions or privileges for sale or rental of a dwellingProvide different housing services or facilitiesFalsely deny that housing is available for inspecti…